By Hypenia Enterprise


Rule #1: break all the rules:

1. Ignore the news. Why? Read the paper from 6 months ago. How much of it matters? None of it. It’s 0% signal, 100% noise.

2. Go hungry. Fast for 24 hours once a week. Do sprints without eating. Stronger mind. Longer life. Sexier body. (You can thank me later)

3. Skip college. Save the $100k+. Study with real masters instead. Make things from day one. Fail a lot. Learn. Grow. Get out of the cage.

4. Take risks. Real risk-taking isn’t about the big gamble. It’s about asymmetries: risk 10% to get 1000%. Most people don’t see the world this way. Make sure you do.

5. Invest in yourself. Ditch the big screen TV. Ditch the retirement fund too. Invest in YOU. I’ve spent thousands to learn from my heroes. It was worth every penny.

6. Fire your customers. Build something amazing. Find your 1000 True Fans. Then say no to the rest. They’re not good enough.

7. Love haters. Every time I get hate mail, I do a little happy dance. Why? It means I’m doing great work. If you aren’t pissing people off, you aren’t doing anything important.

8. Read (really) old books. Old books survive for a reason. They’re really, really good. Read those. Life is short.

9. Fail more. Why do 99% of people fail? Because they aren’t failing enough. Success is born from repeated failure… Get out there and start rolling the dice.

10. Delete your ‘friends’. You are the 5 people you spend the most time with. Don’t keep the ‘friends’ around. Keep the FRIENDS around.

11. Don’t be average. The average is fat, depressed and addicted to drugs (yes, sugar counts too). Make the same decisions as them, and… you become them. Don’t do that. Always think for yourself.

Each one of these has changed my life. I’ll be happy if one or two of them will change yours.