Hand of God



#Simplicity is what they call it these days. If you ever think i am doing it wrongly, feel free to pin a note on my messageboard. I'll fixit


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Headline: Developer and Mastermind @Hypenia Enterprise!
Gender: Male

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Who I AM

According to what people say about me, I am Smart, mature, web enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Blogger,  Thinker, and trustworthy. I agree with their honest observation.

According to me, I'm Dave, a self-employed web product manager and designer, platform architecture, developer and mastermind @hypenia. I am who I am. I try to be happy with what I have! I love meeting new friends.

I'm working on Hypenia.Com, a new kind of free and open social network for all, home and abroad to share information and easily stay connected with the people that matter most in their life. 

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. My email is hosted by Google, I keep my files and documents on Google Drive, and my server is hosted in Michigan, USA. My phone number is powered by MTN N and GLO N.